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Odoo App Community developed by Moldeo Interactive allows you to carry your Odoo on your Android or iOS. It allows to obtain and modify all the data of your Odoo, although it requires to be connected to the internet (a version that can read Offline data is also being planned). Requires the odoo_app_connector module installed and configured on the server. For a compiled version contact Moldeo Interactive. This App does not allow access to mobile device addons (camera, geolocation, microphone, etc.). If that is needed, it is necessary to develop a custom App, ask for a quote.

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Odoo App Community desarrollada por Moldeo Interactive permite llevar su Odoo en su Android o iOS. Permite obtener y modificar todos los datos de su Odoo, aunque requiere encontrarse conectado a internet (se está planeando una versión que pueda leer datos Offline también). Requiere el modulo odoo_app_connector instalado y configurado en el servidor. Para una versión compilada contactarse con Moldeo Interactive.


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