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Mobile & Web Design

We have extensive experience in development and implementation of products for the web and app, offering our customers a personalized service adapted to their needs, ranging from institutional websites with simple and clear designs using templates designed for each commercial area, to creative and innovative websites designed for our most daring customers who want, through their website, to express their personal imprint in art, design and communication.

- We have high experience implementing websites with CMS like Joomla, Drupal, and Odoo.

- We produce Apps for Android and iOS with technology of Apache Cordova and OpenSource Plugins.

- We have been working with programming languages for years like PHP, Python, Javascript; to which we integrate frameworks like Angular, D3JS, jQuery, ThreeJS and WebGL.

- We develop Webs that work correctly on Desktop Computers and Mobile Devices, through the use of responsive design techniques and implementations such as Bootstrap. Our Websites are also made with a Crossbrowsing concept, having correct operation in the five most used browsers in the market (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE Edge). In the same way, the websites are thoroughly tested in the different browsers and with the different mobile devices to guarantee their correct functioning. Everything is generated with the NPM and NodeJS technologies, whitch allows a scalable result.

- We implement eCommerce websites of high competitiveness using the tools provided by platforms such as Odoo. Ecommerce is a varied development, usually including a shopping cart, product management, integration with shop frameworks and SEO adaptation.

- We provide integration of the Webs with Google Analytics,with which the client can have a notion of the statistics of the Web throughout a month, weeks or even days. It includes real-time reports, geographical data of visitors, duration of the visit, most visited pages and schedule of each session. In the same way, we are specialists in positioning the website in the most used search engines to increase their competitiveness.

- We offer Linode hosting service with 4Gb Ram (or more) dedicated, own IP and WebMail service with your Web domain. In addition, we know how to adapt and develop the Website in another hosting if the situation warrants.