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Producteca allows to massively export products to MercadoLibre, for this reason many users need time before migrating completely to Odoo, and in some cases they require both systems. The odoo_producteca module of Moldeo Interactive connects a server with Producteca through SFTP, and with a simple configuration it brings the sales orders of Producteca and converts them into sales orders of Odoo, also creating the customer (if it does not exist) and the products. Customer identification will be done through the MercadoLibre user, thus integrating three platforms into one, centralized in Odoo. Producteca is a Big ecommerce platform in LatinAmerica.

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Módulo para integrar una tienda de Producteca (conectada a MercadoLibre) con Odoo. Por cada pedido que hay de MercadoLibre, el módulo lo procesa y crea el pedido de venta (si el mismo no existe previamente). Tambien procede a crear el artículo y cliente correspondiente (si los mismos no existen).


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